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When the green flag waves on February 6th to start the King of the Hammers, hopes and dreams will head off into the desert around Means Dry Lake Bed.

Some of those hopes will be shattered. Mechanical issues and traffic jams will rear their ugly heads. About 8 hours later though, those hopes and dreams will be realized when the checkered flag drops. The long days, the even longer nights. The blood, sweat, and tears that were shed will pay off big time. One driver will stand at the top of the hill when they are named the 2021 King of the Hammers.

I reached out to some folks to see what three names they believed would take the crown.

MILES HASSELQUIST: The voice of Ultra4 threw out three names. Erik Miller, Jason Scherer, and Paul Horschel.

MATT MOGHADDAM, Marketing Director at APG Off-Road: Loren Healy, Paul Horschel, and Wayland Campbell

WYATT PEMBERTON, Host of The Talent Tank Podcast: Wyatt said that he believes that there are 20 drivers who could end up if the stars align for them. When he named names, it was Paul Horschel, Ryan Miller in Bailey Campbell’s car; and then he tossed in Josh Blyer, Eric Miller, and any of the Gomez Brothers. 

All in all, it is a good mix between the first time and multiple-time winners with a few names who have been knocking on that door. 

Eyes around the world will be turned into the live show on February 6th this year to see how things shake out in the desert. Make sure you head to Ultra4’s website starting that week to catch all of the race action.

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